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STIEFELMAYER Services - to Contribute to a Smooth Production

Qualified advice in the run-up

The advising of our customers is one of the few opportunities, when our clamping specialists are not thinking of time saving.

In intensive advice discussions they recognise your specific requirements and suggest the optimum solution for your application.

Outstanding design

Clamping tools are designed at Stiefelmayer by experienced design engineers. And because we know that our clamping tools must fulfill highest demands on accuracy, further testing, for example with FEM (finite elements analysis), is an inherent part of our design process.

Machining tests in our company

In order to provide you with the maximum possible safety in the run-up, we offer machining tests directly at our company.

We simulate the required operation on our own lathes. Hence, accuracies are no longer only calculated theoretically, but proven by factual results.

Top-quality execution

Highly precise clamping tools need modern production and testing facilities and – above all - motivated and experienced staff. Acceptance processes recorded in detail as well as extensive test runs for every clamping chuck are a matter of course for us.

Punctuality in delivery

We set great store by punctual delivery of our clamping tools. Because we want to keep your trust in us. That is why we will not give you any promises for unrealistic delivery dates. But we will be reliable in keeping our promises.

Ongoing maintenance

Even after delivery of our clamping tools we will be there for you at any time, if you want ongoing service and support (of all manufacturers), making sure that your clamping tools are always flawlessly operating for you.

Repair by specialists

Not only the design and production, but also the repair of clamping chucks (of all manufacturers) is part of our specialties.  Our experienced staff executes repair work thoroughly, flexibly and fast. Of course with cost estimate to make the costs transparent for you.

Spare parts fast re-produced

Thanks to our flexible in-house production, we can provide spare parts, e.g. special jaws, at very short notice.  



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