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Stiefelmayer Keilhakenfutter

Wedge Chucks -
Versatile, Economic and Ideal for Special Tasks

Wedge chucks are very popular and versatile clamping chuck types. Stiefelmayer has a broad range of special designs and sizes.

We realise the optimum solution for our customers for their specific clamping tasks.  The results are chucks of very high accuracy and reliability.   

Technical features:

  • versatile for various clamping applications
  • flexible chuck sizes
  • design with or without centrifugal force compensation
  • suitable for high cutting forces 
Special wedge type chuck: with centrifugal force compensation, clampable supports and many other functional components
Keilhakenfutter:Vielseitig, kostengünstig und ideal für spezielle Aufgaben

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