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Lever Operated Chucks -
Large Stroke with Planar Pull

This type of chuck enables especially large projection of the clamping jaws. This means that large strokes can be realised with simultaneous planar pull.

The clamping jaws can also be made retractable if used with a tip or a front carrier. Typical workpieces for lever operated chucks are crankshafts or camshafts.

Technical features:

  • large stroke with planar pull
  • almost maintenance-free design possible
  • optional design as centric or compensating clamping tool
  • retractable clamping jaws possible
Lever Operated Chuck - application with integrated segment clamping mandrel for workpiece centring
Spanntechnik Hebelfutter - Großer Hub mit Plananzug für Kurbel- und Nockenwellen

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