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Stiefelmayer Schwenkfutter

Indexing Chucks -
Highly Precise and Extremely Quick Swivelling

STIEFELMAYER indexing chucks have a technical feature that has a directly positive result on the machining time for the material: thanks to activation with tandem cylinders, an extremely quick swivelling process is possible, in all positions (90°, 180°, 270°).

Here, the clamping chuck has an unusually high degree of accuracy, with the tappets at right angles of 0.04 mm to each other.

Technical features:

  • extremely high swivelling speed (0.4 sec)
  • equal swivelling time in all positions
  • high re-run accuracy due to sturdy mechanics and hydraulic control (< 0.003 mm for one-sided clamping)
  • mechanical check of swivelling position
  • centric or one-sided clamping variant
Combined swivelling and eccentric chuck - for the clamping of shafts with multiple machining
Schwenkfutter - Hochgenau und extrem schnell beim Schwenken

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