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Finger Chucks -
Great Axial Clamping Force, even for asymetric workpieces

Finger chucks are used in many variations. This chuck type is made for applications where radial clamping is not possible or would lead to workpiece distortion.

Finger chucks clamp axially across the face of the workpieces. The clamping fingers can be positioned at will, this allows safe and precise clamping also of asymmetric workpieces.

The clamping fingers swivel out of the way to ease the loading of the workpiece. Centring of the workpieces is accomplished with pins, rings, mandrels or self-centring chucks, depending on the individual application.

Example for the combination of clamping methods: Finger chuck with integrated segment clamping mandrel for centring
Planspannfutter - Große axiale Spannkraft, auch für symmetrische Werkstücke

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