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SBF Bolt Chuck -
For Sensitive Workpieces in Large Series

The bolt chuck SBF is used for workpieces sensitive to deformation that are to be clamped radially and with planar pull. 

Technical features:

  • radial clamping with planar pull
  • high rate of revolutions due to low loss of centrifugal force
  • no lifting of the workpiece from the workpiece support, even at high speeds
  • high clamping stroke for loading
  • available as inside clamping or outside clamping chuck
  • chuck sizes from 170 mm to 600 mm
  • air-abutting control (option)
  • chuck seal (option)


Typical applications:

  • brake disks
  • brake drums
  • flanges
  • caps
  • small bearings
SBF-G, diameter 600mm, pendulum jaws, hermetically sealed
SBF-G, diameter 600mm, pendulum jaws, hermetically sealed
SBF, inside clamping with 5 clamping jaws
Schrägbolzenfutter SBF - Für sensible Werkstücke in Großserie
SBF, inside clamping with 6 clamping jaws

Current Brochure Chucks SBF and KAF


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