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Clamping Tools with hydraulic compensation: Better results and reduced machining times

Bolt Chuck SBFFor sensitive workpieces in large series.   
Bolt Chuck SBF - For sensitive workpieces in large series.
Collet Bar Chuck KAFRadial clamping for large clamping ranges.
Bolt Chuck KAF - Radial clamping for large clamping ranges.
Angle Lever Chuck WHFWith integrated centrifugal force compensation for large components.
Angle Lever Chuck WHF - With integrated centrifugal force compensation for large components.
Clamping Mandrel SDHGentle clamping for small workpieces
Clamping mandrels SDH - Gentle clamping for small workpieces.

Clamping Chucks with Hydraulic Compensation: Better Results and Reduced Machining Times

With this line of clamping tools we offer high-quality products in the matter of highly precise workpiece clamping.  Thanks to the integrated hydraulic compensation, extremely thin-walled workpieces can be clamped safely and free of deformation - even at high cutting rates.

This means for our customers: cost saving by clearly better machining results and reduced machining times.

The Hydraulic Principle of Compensation

ist based on separating the centring process from the actual clamping process. First of all the inserted workpiece is senitively centred without any deformation. The clamping chucks are each operated separately hydraulically. This means that at the end of the centring process all of the chucks are applying the same force to the workpiece. Only then, the required clamping force is applied by increasing the hydraulic pressure.

The great advantage of this unique system: No round shape is forced on the workpiece by the clamping tools before machining. There is no transfer of out-of-roundness of the workpiece from the outside to the inside (or vice versa) 

Optional Centrifugal Force Compensation

All our hydraulic compensation chucks can be fitted with centrifugal force compensation for tasks at high speeds.

Integrated Control

We offer all types of our hydraulic compensation chucks with integrated hydraulic control (Type "G")  Thus, the hydraulic clamping chucks can be operated with a standard cylinder and a standard machine controller.


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